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L’EAU BRUT Facial Cleanser

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L’EAU BRUT Facial Cleanser

A cleansing gel powered by a complex blend of energizing adaptogens; Geranium Leaf and Schisandra. This vegan formula is soap and sulfate free, allowing L’eau Brut to deep clean all skin types by removing dirt and build up experienced throughout the day. It cleanses without stripping away the good stuff, allowing skin to breathe while leaving your best asset cleansed, calm and soothed. Start of your REGIME NO1 with this powerful cleanser.


This vegan formula is soap and sulfate free. L’Eau Brut is boosting your b-endorphins and leaves your skin soothed and relaxed. L’Eau Brut is not only deep cleaning your skin after tough day, it also reinforce your skin barrier with less redness and reactivity to your surroundings.


Cleanse your face morning and/or evening by applying a small amount of face wash to your hand and massage into damp skin. Rinse off using cold water in the morning and warm water in the evening. Daily use morning and evening suitable for all skin types.