Stolen/Lost Packages

We are not responsible for any products that go missing during transit or are misplaced upon delivery.  If you would like to request a signature for delivery, please leave us a note with your order or email us at contact@hommeskin.com at the time of your order.

How does TryNow work?

Order selected fragrances from 19-69 or A.N Other to receive a fragrance kit, which includes a sample size and a full size fragrance.  At checkout, an authorization for the full amount of your order will be placed on your credit card to reserve funds in the event you choose to keep your full size items.  We will only charge you for full size items you decide to keep, at the end of your trial period.

When does my trial period begin and end?
Your trial period begins once you receive your fragrance kit. When we see that your order has been delivered, you should get a friendly email letting you know that your trial period has begun and you will have 13 days to try your sample size product and decide whether to keep your full size fragrance or not.

Can I buy both TryNow products and non TryNow products on the same order?

What payment options do I have for my TryNow order?
You can only use your credit card to check out with TryNow at this time.

Can I use a discount with a TryNow order?

I need more time - can I extend my trial period?
Unfortunately, not at this time.

How do I return full size items I do not want to purchase?
You can go through the regular returns process outlined here: Refund policy – Hommeskin.

My trial period ended and I was charged but now I want to return something -- is this still possible?
You can go through the regular returns process outlined here: Refund policy – Hommeskin.

I thought TryNow offered a free trial but I see a charge on my card -- can you help me understand?
TryNow will not charge you for any full size items until the end of your trial period.  We do place an authorization on your card for the total amount of your order.  This is how we ensure that funds can be captured for full size items you keep -- it’s just like a hold that hotels or rideshare apps use, and helps protect us from fraud.  The way authorizations display on your statement varies by bank. Typically, authorizations are labeled as “pending” OR they will not have a date associated with the charge, indicating that the charge has not yet been posted.

When will the authorization come off of my card?
TryNow will charge and close your order after your trial period ends.  At this point, the authorization will drop and you’ll be charged for the full size products you kept.


If you have questions about your order, shipping, returns or just general questions, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@hommeskin.com


For any business inquirers, please contact us at vendor@hommeskin.com


We specify three charities which you can choose from.  Homme Skin will donate one percent of the purchase price to your selected charity.  We will send the proceeds to the charities on a yearly basis and display the total amount given to those charities on the charity page