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Krypton No. 36

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Krypton No. 36

A night full of promises that never ends: Intense, irresistible & mysterious. Krypton No. 36 is a men's perfume full of bold sensuality and refined elegance. In a world of night of light and shadow, it is seduction and temptation at the same time with its stimulating masculine scent. This long-lasting perfume is an unforgettable signature of a night when anything can happen. It beguiles with cardamom and cedarwood notes and a heart note of lavender and bergamot. The seductive fragrance is based on amber, caraway and vetiver: An intense perfume with olfactory tension and exciting contrasts. The noble glass bottle is closed with a cap made of brushed black metal.


Fragrance note: oriental, spicy, Top notes: cardamom, cedarwood, Heart notes: lavender, bergamot, Base notes: amber, caraway, vetiver