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Triumph & Disaster

Johnny B Beard Oil

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Johnny B Beard Oil

Delivering the good oil, on time and in kind. Infused with the inherent goodness of Argan, Grapeseed and sweet Almond to treat and calm even the most undomesticated chops. Johnny B is your little friend, the one who has your back, the guy in your corner who will carry your bag. Yep, he’s your bag man, the one you have been waiting on, come to save you from yourself and leave you smelling like a heady mix of assassin smoke and abandoned temple. Use daily or as required.


1) Moody bespoke fragrance - of Assassin smoke and abandoned temple (read Vetiver, Moss and Bergamot). 2) Unique balm delivery system - less grease, less drop. 3)All natural, perfectly balanced skincare compatible ingredients to treat and nourish the skin and hair follicle whilst treating the beard - a simply superior product. 4) Mild shaper and protector.


Apply a small amount onto your hands and then rub into your beard and the skin underneath. For added hold and definition follow up with 'The Doctor' Beard Balm.