Men’s Beard Styles

Men’s Beard Styles

How to Choose the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

It’s no surprise that when you look good, you feel good. Choosing a beard style that makes you feel your best can be a game changer for how you take on the day. The easiest way to choose the best beard style is to go by your face shape.

Face Shapes

Men's Beard Styles

When it comes to our faces, there are four face shape categories that generally everyone falls into: Square, Round, Rectangle, and Oval.

Different face shapes highlight different features. Knowing how to correctly highlight your features based on your face shape is crucial to finding the right beard style.


If you’re fortunate enough to have a square face shape, you want to choose a beard style that will accentuate your coveted strong jaw line. Don’t hide your jawline behind all that facial hair, but instead shape the hair to your advantage. This means you’ll want to choose a shorter beard style — Think goatee/petite goatee, royal beards, and circle beards.


While mothers may love the baby face, most men prefer to avoid that look. If you have a round face, you’ve probably been told on more than one occasion that you have a “baby face.” Thankfully, there are beard styles to help give you that masculine look you desire.

The trick to round faces is to create angles. Slim your face down by shaving along the cheekbones. The best beard styles for a round face are Anchor beards, Van Dyke beards, a short boxed beard, or a Balbo beard. The goal is to elongate the chin, while also keeping the hair full on the chin.


Similar to square shaped faces, rectangle faces should aim to highlight your jawline, as well as the cheekbones. Focus on beard styles that add definition to those areas such as the classic Mutton Chops Beard, the Chin Strip, the Chin Strap Style Beard, or the Gunslinger Beard and Mustache. Whichever style you choose, opt for something long on the bottom and short on the top, really highlighting your strong facial structure.


For those with an oval shaped face, your beard style options are limitless. Whatever style you desire, will more than likely look great on your face shape. A few tried and true styles though are the 3 Day Stubble Beard, the Chevron Mustache, the Horseshoe Mustache and the classic, Original Stache.

Start Styling

Styling Products For Beards

Once you determine what face shape you have and what beard styles typically look best for your shape, you can then begin to play around with the different recommended styles. While it is helpful to know what styles look best based on your face shape, don’t feel confined to only using those styles. Some styles take more time or effort to do, so it’s important to take those factors into consideration as well when choosing the best beard style for you. 

Regardless of which beard style you opt for, make sure you give your beard the finest care you can. From the perfect beard oil to seal those ends off, to your shaving routine and the razor you use, your beard deserves the highest quality of products.