Grown Alchemist Roll-On Men's Deodorant

Men’s Deodorant | What Works and Smells the Best

When it comes to deodorant, it isn't one size fits all. Finding the perfect men’s deodorant can be difficult. As we age, we learn about the importance of quality ingredients and how those ingredients can affect our bodies. 

If you’re tired of ruining your favorite shirts with lingering B.O., it’s time to invest in a deodorant that smells great, while also being safe to put on your body. 

Types of Deodorant

Grown Alchemist Roll-On Men's Deodorant

First things first, let’s break down the three types of deodorant – Stick, Spray, and Roll-On.

  • Stick: This type of deodorant is created by blending oils, waxes, and sometimes silicones, into a solid “stick” form. While stick deodorant is a popular choice in the US, opting for a brand that uses natural ingredients is best, as many options can be harsh on the skin due to the use of aluminum based ingredients. Another factor to consider, is the fact that stick deodorant can sometimes leave stains or white markings on your clothing.
  • Spray: A sought after choice by many, spray on deodorant is easy to use, and dries quickly. For those who don’t like the wet feel of gel/roll-on deodorant, spray is a good alternative. While many brands claim they have improved their formulas, many choices are still not healthy for the environment, nor your skin. It is also more difficult to control the amount of coverage with a spray.
  • Roll-On: Unlike spray deodorant, with a roll-on you can control the amount of coverage, using more or less if need be. Another perk of using a roll-on deodorant is the liquid/gel is usually clear in color, preventing any marks or stains. However, depending on the formula, if the liquid/gel gets on your clothes it can sometimes leave a residue. Because it is created with a liquid/gel base, applying a roll-on does tend to leave a damp feeling, this can sometimes make it more difficult to reapply later if needed. 

Antiperspirant Vs. Deodorant

Grown Alchemist Roll-On Men's Deodorant

When selecting the right deodorant, it’s important to keep in mind that an antiperspirant and deodorant serve two different purposes. If you find yourself struggling with the amount of sweat your body is producing, you need to invest in an antiperspirant, as they help prevent perspiring. If odor is your problem, deodorant is the solution as you want something that will deodorize.  

Choosing the Best Deodorant

Grown Alchemist Roll-On Men's Deodorant

While choosing a deodorant that contains natural ingredients is key to selecting an option that is not only effective, but also safe, you also want something that you enjoy smelling. After all, not only will you be forced to smell it all day, every day, but so will everyone around you, too. An option such such as the Grown Alchemist Roll On Deodorant, is a great choice! This aluminum-free formulation contains advanced natural anti-bacterial actives that eliminate undesirable odor ensuring optimum microbial balance. 

Feel confident and comfortable to take on the day without fear of your men’s deodorant wearing off.