How To Grow A Beard: Our Tips For Fast Growth

How To Grow A Beard: Our Tips For Fast Growth

Over the past few years, beards have come back in a big way. Men’s facial hair trends evolve over time (and sometimes rather quickly), but in 2023, we don’t see beards going anywhere. If the success of the new Top Gun is any indication, we may be seeing more mustaches as well! Learning how to grow a beard isn’t something that comes easily to everyone and for that reason, we are dishing out our best tips for growing a beard your friends will be envious of.

How To Grow A Beard | Our Top 3 Tips For Fast Growth

Tip 1: Just Start!

Beard Growing Tips

While we consider ourselves experts in all things skin and hair for men, the truth is the hardest part of growing a beard is just starting. You’ll first need to get past the week of going from a sharp, bare-faced look to a more edgy, scruffy look. At first, it may look like you skipped a step in your morning routine, but rest assured, this will pass! If you continue to shave, you’ll never be able to achieve that full beard look.

Tip 2: Trim Precisely

Beard Trimming For Growth

Once you have a few weeks of beard growth under your belt, you’ll need to trim the stray hairs on your neck and face. It may not feel intuitive to shave parts of your face and neck when you’re trying to grow it out, but a defined beard is only possible if you keep the stray hairs trimmed. A straight beard doesn’t grow naturally - it’s created by using trimming products.

At Homme Skin, we offer high-quality shave razors and shave kits to achieve this exact look. Say goodbye to a dull razor that takes off hair in every direction leaving a frayed look. You’ll look and feel like you just stepped out of the barber shop because you’ll be using professional tools. You can check out our entire line of beard care products right here.

Tip 3: Moisturize

Beard Oil

Once your beard is starting to come in, the biggest hurdle is to keep your beard hairs from falling out or breaking off, which can happen over time. If your beard hair becomes dry and brittle, they may break off at the ends leaving an uneven look across your face. You can prevent this by using a moisturizing beard oil such as the one linked here. By applying this each morning, you’ll keep your beard hair hydrated, strong, and prevent breakage along the way.

If you’re still considering learning how to grow a beard and take care of it along the way, know that with the right tools and products you can feel confident every time you look in the mirror. Beard and trimming products have come a long way over the last years and it is easier than ever to learn how to grow a beard!

Customized Shaving Routine

Our team at Homme Skin is dedicated to providing a  personalized, luxury hair and skin experience for men. If you need any help creating a skin care or beard care routine that fits your needs, we would be happy to help in any way we can! You can always reach out to us via Instagram DM or directly at