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Face Cleansing Oil

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Face Cleansing Oil

All-in-one face cleanser. Plant-based oils naturally dissolve makeup and pollution and harmonise sebum/oil production, while protecting the skin mantle and its microbiome. Exclusively oil-based and free from dehydrating additives. 100 % organic plant-based premium ingredients.


​​Removes waterproof makeup, Dissolves sunscreen and pollution, Regulates oil / sebum production, Protects skin mantle and microbiome, Nurtures lashes and brows, Maintains healthy beards, Exclusively oil-based, Naturally free from dehydrating substances, Antioxidant Vitamin E, Beta-glucan, Essential fatty acids omega 6–9


Suitable for all faces, even the most sensitive ones. Apply onto dry skin, soak a face cloth in warm water and wipe off.