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Balancing Face Oil

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Balancing Face Oil

Fast-absorbing and non-sticky botanical face oil serum with potent antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, smooth appearance and naturally harmonise skin’s sebum (oil) production. Perfect for combination and oily skin. 100 % organic plant-based premium ingredients.


Balances and smooths skin appearance, Reduces inflammation and redness, Regulates oil / sebum production, Stimulates skin-cell renewal, Corrects skin on multiple levels, Helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, Free radical-fighting antioxidants, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Retinoic acid pro-Vitamin A, CoQ10, Gamma-linolenic acid, Full-spectra fatty acids omega 3–6–7–9


Suitable for all faces, particularly combination and oily skin. Or simply when your skin desires better balance as stress, hormones, or wearing makeup and sunscreen can all occasionally make your skin react or break out. We recommend mixing Balancing Face Oil with OM-SE Hydrating Face Mist for complete moisture.